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  • 1. Where is the Design Centre located and when is it open?
    Royalton Homes Design Centre is located next door to our head office, which is located at 10114 Hwy 26, Unit 4 in Collingwood, Ontario. The RH Design Centre will be open by Appointment Only during our regular office hours: Monday – Friday from 9am- 5pm excluding holidays.
  • 2. Can we drop by the Design Centre to see the finishes available?
    The Design Centre will be opening in March 2024 by appointment only. Due to the large number of homes we are building and the number of finishes appointments that we will be scheduling we are not able to accommodate drop-ins or browsing hours.
  • 3. How do we make an appointment at the Design Centre?
    We will contact you to schedule your Finishes Selection appointment at our Design Centre. Generally, we try to give ten-day to two weeks advance notice where possible. Appointments will be scheduled in priority sequence based on the sequencing of construction which may not be in order of Lot numbers.
  • 4. What if we are away when our appointment is to be scheduled?
    If you know you will be out-of-town, please email and advise us of your travel plans. Please ensure we have an up-to-date email address where we can reach you while you’re away, if needed.
  • 5. When does the Finishes selection process take place during the construction process?
    Typically, the Finishes Selection is scheduled just before or in the early stages of the construction of your home. If we can not schedule your appointment prior to the foundation of your home being poured, we will reach out to you by email to confirm if you wish to make any minor changes in the basement such as the size of the basement windows. If you have an unfinished basement, we will confirm if you would like to add a three-piece rough-in for a future washroom in the basement or if you would like to upgrade to a finished basement.
  • 6. How long is our Design Appointment?
    Design appointments typically take approximately three hours to select all the finishes for your home but may vary depending on the extent of upgrades being selected.
  • 7. Can we have more than one Design Appointment?
    In some cases where changes and significant upgrades are requested a second appointment may be required. Depending on the circumstances requiring a second appointment a fee of $250 for a second appointment may be applicable.
  • 8. Can we bring children, pets, relatives, or friends to our appointment?
    We request that you make alternate arrangements for your children and pets on the day of your appointment. Also, we ask that only the purchasers attend the Design Centre appointment. This will ensure that we are able to focus on the many important choices and decisions that are involved when making your selections within the timeframe of your scheduled appointment.
  • 9. What should we wear to our appointment?
    We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and bring indoor footwear, particularly in the winter months to ensure your comfort and to help preserve our floors.
  • 10. What should we bring to our appointment?
    Please bring the specification sheets for all the appliances that you have purchased or are considering purchasing. This includes all kitchen appliances and laundry appliances so that we can ensure the design of your kitchen and laundry room suits your appliances.
  • 11. What are the sizes of appliances that the standard kitchen is designed for?
    The standard kitchen layouts have been designed to suit appliance sizes as follows: Fridge: 36” w x 71” h (We highly recommend that you invest in a counter-depth fridge, which best suit our kitchen designs) Free standing stove: 30” wide and stainless steel under cabinet hood fan, vented to the exterior. Dishwasher: 24” wide
  • 12. Can we make changes to the standard kitchen layout?
    We can revise the kitchen design to suit alternate appliance types and sizes, and we can expand your kitchen where space permits depending on the model design. Upgrade pricing will be provided for the requested changes at your design appointment if possible, or shortly thereafter if a revised kitchen drawing is required.
  • 13. When should we order our appliances?
    Please ensure you order your appliances in accordance with the specifications that you have provided to us. Appliances can not be delivered to your new home in advance of the closing date. Homeowners are responsible for the installation and connection of all appliances.
  • 14. What is included as standard finishes?
    Please review the Features & Finishes specifications attached to your Agreement of Purchase and Sale as Sale in advance of your Finishes selection appointment.
  • 15. If we elect to purchase upgrades at our design appointment, when do we pay for them?
    Payment options are as follows: Any amount under $25,000 (excluding HST) is payable at the time of your Design appointment. When you spend more than $25,000 on upgrades (excluding HST), we require a minimum deposit of $25,000 or 50% of the total amount, whichever is greater (plus HST). The deposit is payable at your Design appointment. The remaining balance is to be paid prior to closing. Final payment can be made either directly to Royalton Homes Inc., or it can be added/blended onto the mortgage pending approval from the lender/broker. We accept Visa, Mastercard (credit card fees apply) or Cheques made payable to: Royalton Homes Inc.
  • 16. Is HST included in the upgrade pricing?
    HST is charged in addition to the prices provided for upgrade pricing.
  • 17. Can we purchase a finished basement at our Design Centre Appointment?
    Yes, if you decide to purchase a finished basement at the time of your appointment, we require a 50% deposit, and the balance can be added to the closing costs.
  • 18. Can we make changes to our floor plan?
    We can accommodate minor changes, subject to code, such as: - Removing/relocating a wall (depending on structural) - Remove or relocate doors/closets - Kitchen alterations - Adding electrical outlets, undercabinet lighting, pot lights, floor outlets - Change bathtub to shower or vice versa - Adding/ changing the size of a window if code and timing permits - Relocating/ adding a fireplace Please note, if items are deleted, there is a $200 fee per deletion to cover our costs of administering the change to ensure it is made onsite.
  • 19. Can we get a credit for items deleted?
    As a builder of a large-scale development, we can not offer credits as we have fixed price contracts with our suppliers.
  • 20. Can we install our own flooring or other finishes?
    This is not possible due to warranty constraints.
  • 21. Can we get a copy of the construction drawings for our home?
    We do not give out copies of construction drawings as the drawings are model specific but may vary slightly from home-to-home/ lot-to-lot depending on site specific conditions. You may view the electronic drawings at your design appointment, but photos are not permitted.
  • 22. What kind of finishes will be available for selection?
    We offer a wide variety of beautiful finishes for standard selection as well as upgrade options including: kitchen and bathroom cabinets, quartz and granite countertops, flooring – wood, laminate and carpet, ceramic and porcelain tile in a variety of sizes from subway tile and mosaics to 12 ”x 12” and 12” x 24” tile, stair finish and railing options, trim and door hardware options, undermount sinks in stainless steel or granite composite options as well as vessel sinks, and a wide variety of kitchen and bathroom faucets and shower sets for upgrades, if desired.
  • 23. How do we make so many decisions during our appointment?
    Our experienced Design Consultant will walk you through the process and assist you in selecting and combining finishes that will suit your personal taste and style to create a home interior that you will love! Rest assured; you will be in good hands. We have a methodical process/ order in which we walk you through the selections that will help you choose your finishes with ease, so try to relax and enjoy the process. People generally leave their appointment feeling happy, excited, relieved…and a little tired (it’s a lot of decisions!). We will take good care of you.


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